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Admin, Customer Service & Reporting

I began working with the co-founder in August of 2011 and am proud to have been a part of the Food Huggers campaign first launched on Kickstarter in 2013. The project raised an incredible $184,000 from 5,000+ supporters who shared the goal of reducing the food waste.  In 2020 the company grew with the launch of Food Huggers Bowl Lids, another product designed with the idea of preventing food waste and eliminating plastic wrap.

I provide monthly reporting and mail management.

food huggers homepage.png

Website Design, Development & Management is the main online portal for Media Holdings. The website provides African business, political, cultural, lifestyle, travel, news and more. I developed the WordPress website and am responsible for managing the updates and hosting. is a South African news website and a division of Media Holdings. I developed the WordPress website, oversee the daily updates and provide training to the content contributors. homepage.png
iAfrica homepage.png is a partner organization to the Legal Resources Centre of South Africa. I designed their site using with GoDaddy hosting.​ The website is a multi-functional site with a built in newsletter production system and ‘members only’ private area. is a non-profit organization providing education scholarships in South Africa.  I updated the website to showcase their organization to hopeful South African scholars and potential donors. 

folrc website.jpg

The Gala Package

It was my privilege to work with the Friends of the Legal Resources Centre (FoLRC) to design their custom gala package.

The package included a Save-the-Date card, Invitation, Event Website, and Program.  I sourced a printer in NYC and arranged to have the programs delivered to the event venue at the Harvard Business Club in New York.  I also traveled to NYC to assist with event preparations and to assemble gift bags on the day of the gala.


dw-PORTFOLIO (2).jpg

Digital Magazine - Flipbook


I designed and formatted this lifestyle magazine using Google Slides.  Once completed, I downloaded the slides file into a PDF and then uploaded it to SimpleBooklet to turn the PDF into a flip-book, digital magazine.

This method can be used to create interactive web booklets, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and marketing collateral.


Video Production

In commemoration of the Rwanda Genocide harrowing anniversary, I researched the subject and created this video to honor those who lost their lives and to ensure that the world never allows such horror to happen again.

A client requested a video around the topic of water challenges in Africa. I researched the subject and sourced images to create the story. I was able to produce, edit and add background music for a compelling  video story that currently has more than 7,000 views on YouTube.​ The video was syndicated to multiple news outlets across Africa and shared on social media. The same client later requested a Portuguese version for African countries where Portuguese is the primary language. I was able to source a translator and update the video. Tudo Começa Com Água! 

Video Rwanda.png
Video water.png

Memorial Website & Keepsake Book

I worked closely with Dr. Clarke's daughter to create a memorial website and design a 68 page keepsake book. I prepared the print-ready file and sourced a printer to print the book in perfect-bound binding. ​Click the image to visit the website and see the digital book.

The family of Mr. Lewis wanted to commemorate his life with a memorial book.  Family members participated in providing photos and stories.

I worked with them to layout, format and print the 82 page book in time for the memorial service.  Click the image to view the PDF version.

memorial site.jpg
Memorial Book - Lewis.png

Email Newsletters


Email newsletters are a great way to communicate with clients and followers, and they can generate leads and sales that will help your business grow.  I have worked with several different online email marketing platforms and MailChimp is one of the best if you are a startup or entrepreneur looking for a budget friendly platform with great editing capabilities.  Here are screenshots of a few templates I’ve created for my clients with MailChimp.


Admin & Project Manager

I had the opportunity to work with Pat Wyman of  Pat is a life-long educator and author of many books on the subject of how to learn. In addition to managing her website, I helped Pat create & produce the book, Amazing Grades.  The book was a huge endeavor as we worked with 101 authors and experts from 13 countries around the world to collect their contributed chapters.  The book is currently sold on Amazon and used in over 5,000 schools worldwide. You will find reference to my work cited on the copyright page where I am listed as "Administrative Life Saver! Debra Winter".​  Following the launch of Amazing Grades, I designed book covers for two more series.


Amazing Grades.jpg
Amazing Grades.jpg


This infographic was created as part of a series of multimedia content celebrating women during International Women’s Day.​  I researched the topic to collect data on the progress of women leading Africa in both the public sector and the private sector.​  "Bold and fearlessly ambitious female leaders can shape the future of the continent and inspire other women to dare to do the same."  The infographic was syndicated to multiple news sites across Africa and shared on social media via


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