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About Me

Deb Winter

Freelance Independent Contractor

Over the past 10 years, I have worked with non-profits, start-ups, global business owners,  executives, and entrepreneurs on numerous projects and tasks.  I have also trained solo service professionals on how to use online tools and widgets to further expand their skill set.

I specialize in helping clients grow their business using the right online systems.  With all the many different strategies, tools, and resources available on the web today, I help clients to sort through and make sense of it all.

Projects that allow me to be creative are my favorite. I also enjoy finding new online tools to help in organizing business processes.

As a virtual professional I get to structure my work environment in a way that gives me the most satisfaction and fulfillment so that I can deliver the best results for my clients. I get to work with interesting people around the world while only occasionally leaving the comfort of my home office. 

The bottom line is, I love what I do! 

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